New Domain Option for VyHub | Blog Banner

Hey gamers! Building a strong online presence is crucial for your game server. After all, it’s your storefront for attracting new players and keeping your community engaged. We at VyHub are excited to announce a brand new domain option to help you level up your server’s brand:!

Previously, you could create subdomains under Now, gives you even more flexibility to choose a domain that perfectly reflects your server’s personality.

Your Domain Options with VyHub

  • Subdomains: Get started quickly and easily with a subdomain under either or This is a great option for beginners. (Examples: or
  • Custom Domains: Want ultimate control and a professional touch? VyHub allows you to connect your own custom domain (e.g., to your server’s website. This creates a memorable address like

Don’t have a custom domain yet? No worries! Head over to registrars like Namecheap to find the perfect domain name that matches your server’s theme.

Why Go Custom?

Taking the custom domain route offers several advantages:

  • Stronger Brand Recognition: A custom domain makes your server appear more established and trustworthy, helping players remember you easily.
  • SEO Boost: Custom domains can improve your server’s searchability in online searches, potentially attracting new players.
  • Complete Control: You have full ownership of your domain name and website address for ultimate branding freedom.

Ready to elevate your server’s brand? Explore VyHub’s new domain options, including Consider investing in a custom domain from Namecheap to solidify your online presence. With a strong brand, your server will be ready to attract and retain a thriving community of players!