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Carbonmod, a new modding framework for Rust, is making waves by leveraging the solid foundations of the UMOD/Oxide Framework. Its commands closely mirror those of UMod, with a simple swap of “oxide” to “carbon” or the shorthand “c.” Striving for seamless compatibility, Carbonmod ensures a smooth transition for UMOD/Oxide plugins, though it’s worth noting that not all plugins are currently supported. Feel free to test your favorite plugins to see how they perform.

At VyHub, we rigorously tested our management and donation plugin on both Umod and Carbonmod, guaranteeing you access to all the cutting-edge functionality that VyHub offers.

Unlocking Permissions with Carbon: A Handy Reference

For a quick and comprehensive reference to Carbon framework’s essential permission-related commands, refer to the table below:

c.grant user <name><permission>Revokes a user’s permission
c.revoke user <name><permission>Revokes a users permission
c.grant group <group><permission>Revokes a group permission
c.revoke group <group><permission>Grants a user permission
c.usergroup add <name><group>Adds a user to a group
c.usergroup remove <name><group>Removes a user from a group remove <group>Removes a group user <name>Shows a user’s permissions group <group>Shows a group’s members and permissions perm <permission> Shows which user or group has a permission groups/permsShows all groups or permissions
Rust Carbonmod – Most important permission commands

Wrapping Up: A Seamless Transition

In this brief overview, we’ve witnessed the user-friendly and familiar nature of Carbonmod’s permission system, which closely mirrors that of UMod. This ensures a smooth journey for Rust enthusiasts transitioning to Carbonmod while enjoying the powerful functionalities provided by VyHub. For further details and exploration, refer to our documentation or join our community on Discord.