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Video game modding has become one of the significant factors in the commercial success of a game. Modifications allow the game to acquire different skills that helps change various game features.

FiveM is Grand Theft Auto V mod allowing you to play GTA in multiplayer mode on Windows PCs. The modding capabilities of FiveM support multiplayer and single-player modes, scripts, world modifications, weapons, and many more.

FiveM provides a platform that runs on dedicated functional servers and re-creates complete GTA. FiveM supports players in creating their own experience and usage of plugins, maps, and scripts. It increases players’ playing capabilities and adds more fun to each gameplay.

FiveM and Recent Updates

FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most popular video games in history, offering numerous features for players. GTA games had a modding community that started creating multiplayer mods from the single-player experience in GTA V. Thus, FiveM is the ultimate modded GTA V server where players can play the mod game without worrying about getting banned from Rockstar’s server.

FiveM is an open-source mod for GTA V with single-player or multiplayer mods. Its custom servers allow you to experience roleplay servers, individual game modes, FPS Shooters, etc. FiveM advanced OneSync framework allows around 1,024 gamers on a server simultaneously and the ability to create immersive environments, customized objects, and various game modes. 

Recent Updates on FiveM

A few updates on FiveM are as follows: 

Cfx. re Officially Joins Rockstar Games, the team behind the FiveM and RedM projects, has officially joined Rockstar Games. The move will give the team the to work with Rockstar games and advance the FiveM platform and its creative community. However, there will be no noticeable changes in day-to-day operations, but it will bring new opportunities for users, community, and creators. For example, we may see roleplaying mechanics written into GTA6 from the beginning.

FiveM Cookbook

FiveM has opened a FiveM Cookbook page to provide information on recommended ways to do things, existing new scripting APIs, and background information on changes. Small documentation snippets and large formal documentation can get posted on this page. Some topics covered by this page include marking a vehicle as a player vehicle for game code, making a console key bind wait between commands, quick notes on using built-in ACL/security, etc. 

FiveM Undocked for Android on Snapdragon, the team behind FiveM announced the release of the FiveM experience platform on Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Android devices. FiveM undocked platform for Android-based smartphones and other handsets will be using ARMv8 or ARMv9 CPU architecture and Qualcomm Adreno graphics processing units, with others to follow depending on technical capability. 

VyHub Creative Features Customizes FiveM Game Server

VyHub, the all-in-one management and monetization platform for the gaming platform, supports FiveM, allowing your creativity to run free in Los Santos. VyHub supports the ESX and QB mods of the game. The creatives feature of VyHub that helps customize the FiveM game server are as follows.

Bans, Time Bans, and Warnings

VyHub allows game servers to ban or time-ban players in case of violating set rules. These bans or time bans can get created for a set of game servers or globally across all your servers. Users can protest the bans, and admins can look at and resolve the issue. You can also warn users after which they will get automatically banned upon achieving the warning threshold.  

In-game Dashboard

The In-game dashboard allows you to see all the information at a glance, including all the connected users’ accounts. The dashboard displays the stats. The server dashboard allows access to all important player and game-related features.   

Player Group Synchronization

Player group synchronization allows players to be part of one or many groups. They support ULX, xAdmin, SAM, FAdmin, Server Guard, and more. 


The players get rewarded whenever a player buys a packet. Rewards can be anything from in-game currency and custom commands/scripts to item drops, and you can execute any in-game command with the rewards and even give players ranks. 

FiveM on VyHub Server Brings a Customized Environment for Players

Exploring and playing FiveM on VyHub gives a more customized environment to players with an in-game dashboard for bans and warnings, synchronized player groups, infinite possibilities with rewards, and many more. VyHub includes small and big additional features for a great user experience.