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After reading this blog you will be able to connect your Garry’s Mod server to VyHub. But why should you connect your Gmod server to VyHub? The connection is the prerequisite to start managing and monetizing your Garry’s Mod server. We have set our goal to make your life managing your game servers as easy as possible.

To follow this tutorial, you need your VyHub instance and your Garry’s Mod game server ready. You can create an instance for free under

What is the Connection Between Steam, Garry’s Mod, and VyHub?

Do you want to play Garry’s Mod online with your community? Then you need to create a Garry’s Mod server. Furthermore, you can connect to a preexisting Garry’s Mod server. To connect to a server, you need to know the IP address and the port of the server. You can find the IP Address and the Port in the control panel of your hosting provider. 

Where does VyHub come into play? We all know that managing a big gaming community takes time and comes with lots of hassle and also costs money. We from VyHub offer every game-community manager the ability to manage and monetize their communities!

How to Connect a Steam Account to Your Vyhub Account

Connecting a steam account is necessary to enable the game-server-related features of VyHub. 

This includes buying products from the store and making use of the dashboard with its stats and more. To log in or connect your steam account you simply have to go to the link-account dialog in the top-right of your VyHub instance.

Why Connect Your Vyhub Instance to Your Garrys Mod Game Server

Connecting VyHub to your Garrys Mod server allows you to manage and monetize your game server more effectively. VyHub provides a variety of tools and features that can help you run your game server smoothly, attract more players, and generate revenue.

By connecting your Garrys Mod server to VyHub, you can use its user management system to create different user groups, such as admins and regular players, and assign different permissions to them. This can help you to control who has access to your server and what they are allowed to do.

VyHub also provides a variety of monetization options for your game server, such as the sale of cash/ in-game cash, weapon drops, VIP packages, donation ranks, and more. Since you can execute any script/command on the game server, the only limit is your creativity.

By connecting your Garrys Mod server to VyHub, you can easily set up these features and start generating income from your server.

Overall, connecting VyHub to your Garrys Mod server can help you to manage and monetize your game server more effectively, attract more players, and ultimately create a more successful and profitable game server.

How to Connect Your Garry’s Mod Game Server to a Vyhub Instance

To ease the process we split up the process of connecting your game server to a VyHub instance into 2 steps.

Set up a Serverbundle

Server bundles are used to organise your servers. For example, by targeting a Serverbundle with rewards, the reward is going to be executed on every serve. For example, you can group your servers by region or game mode. Setting up a server bundle can easily be done in the admin settings.

Find more technical information in our documentation:

Create a Server in VyHub

The next step is to create the server. This can easily be done in the same settings. Choose the previously created Serverbundle and enter the IP-Address and Port of your Server. After creating you can click the server-set up button. It will prompt you to download the VyHub addon. Place it and extract it in the Addons folder of your game server. After restarting the game server you can execute the displayed commands in the server console. Congratulations, the server is now successfully connected to VyHub. On the homepage of your VyHub instance, you should now see the Server displayed as online (green lightning symbol)

The Synchronisation of Groups

VyHub lets you Sync groups between VyHub and the Gameserver. That means, when a player has bought the donator rank in VyHub, it is possible to give the rank automatically to the player on the game server.

With this sync, you can ensure players belong to the right group and have the correct permissions. 

You might have guessed it. With VyHub you can sell groups and ranks on your server. The setup is very easy as well and only takes three steps:

Create Your Groups in VyHub

The first step is to create your desired groups in VyHub. This can be directly done in the Admin settings. For example, you can create an Admin-, a Moderator, a Donator, and a normal user Group.

VyHub has its own permission system, so while creating these groups, make sure the groups have all the rights you want them to have. 

Create your Groups in Garry’s Mod

The second step is to create the same or similar groups on your game server. Maybe you already have groups? Then you can easily skip this step. VyHub supports multiple admin mods like ULX, Serverguard, or SAM. Just choose your favourite Admin Mod and follow their tutorial to create groups. Usually, you can just use the GUI, which comes with many of these tools.

Map the Groups with Group Mappings

Good job, now you have created all groups. Unfortunately, VyHub currently doesn’t know which VyHub group is linked to which group on your game server. But this is an easy fix. Go back to your VyHub Group settings, edit the groups you have created, and go to mappings.

In Mappings, you can decide to which server bundle the mapping applies. Directly below, you just Type the name of the game group. 

So for example you have got the ADMIN  group in VyHub and the Superadmin group on your Garry’s Mod Server. When creating the group mapping for the admin group, select your Garry’s Mod server bundle and type the superadmin name into the mapping.

Repeat This Step for Every Group You Want to Have Synced 

Congratulations, you are done! How can you test the mapping? For example, create a Membership for the admin group on the VyHub user dashboard (if you don’t have it already) and connect to the game server. After connecting, you should have gotten the group automatically.

Wrap up

When you have read till the end you now know how easy it is to connect your Garry’s mod server to VyHub. This will help you to manage your community on a high amount! Furthermore, the group sync between VyHub and Garry’s Mod is now functional. This is the first step to monetizing your Gameserver. Just imagine how many possibilities you have with this automatic sync. Selling VIP-Ranks, Donator groups, or something nobody has come up with before? It’s completely your choice! As always, if you are missing some information please have a look at our documentation. Usually, the information there is the most up-to-date!