Calling all Source server admins! We’re hyped to announce the official launch of our highly-anticipated Sourcemod integration on VyHub. This seamless integration seamlessly syncs with your server, giving you a powerful platform to manage your community. Whether you’re running a chill community server or a massive cluster, VyHub’s Sourcemod integration offers a comprehensive suite of features to take your server management to the next level.

Supported Games

Say goodbye to endless compatibility worries! VyHub supports any game that utilizes the Source RCON protocol. This includes all the big hitters like Counter-Strike (2, Source & GO), Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and even Half-Life 2. But that’s not all! With countless Source titles out there, the possibilities are endless. Still unsure? Check if your server uses the Source RCON protocol for guaranteed VyHub compatibility.

Here’s a quick rundown of supported games:

  • Counter-Strike: 2
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Half-Life 2
  • And many more!

Key Features

While the Source RCON protocol has limitations, VyHub ensures all the features you need are supported. This includes:

  • In-game (Store):  Sell items directly on your Source server using real-world currency! This is a fantastic way to generate revenue and keep your community thriving.
  • Player Statistics: Gain valuable insights into player playtime data. This intel helps you optimize your server and create targeted content to keep your players engaged.

Why VyHub’s Source RCON Integration Makes a Difference

VyHub goes beyond just being a website. It’s a full community hub with endless customization options. Ditch the scattered websites and fragmented management tools. VyHub’s RCON integration lets you effectively manage and monetize your Source server from a single, powerful platform.

The initial integration focuses on two key areas:

  • Donation Store: Integrate VyHub’s robust donation store to allow players to support your server financially.
  • Playtime Statistics: Track player playtime and leverage that data to make data-driven decisions for your server.

Plus, VyHub’s plugin system lets you deliver in-game packages by automatically executing commands on your server, streamlining various tasks.

The VyHub Advantage: More Than Just a Website

VyHub empowers you to create a unique and engaging community website. Here’s a glimpse of what sets VyHub apart:

  • Flexible Reward Shop: Design a reward system that keeps your players coming back for more. Offer anything from custom in-game commands and resources to rare item drops! The possibilities are endless.
  • Actionable Player Insights: Turn playtime data into actionable insights. Use this intel to optimize your server and create content that resonates with your player base.

Get Started with VyHub for Free!

That’s right, you can experience all these amazing features absolutely free! VyHub is here to revolutionize your Source server experience. We make server management easier, player engagement stronger, and monetization more achievable. Don’t wait! Take your Source community to the next level. Join VyHub today and take your server to new heights! Together, let’s reshape the future of Source gaming. The adventure begins now!