VyHub Platform Now Supports Minecraft | VyHub Blog Banner

We are happy to announce that VyHub now supports Minecraft (Spigot) as a second game (besides Garry’s Mod)!

That means that you can now connect your Minecraft server to VyHub and profit from all the features VyHub offers.

Minecraft is by far the most played survival sandbox game. It is said that there are over 130 million unique monthly Minecraft players.

VyHub enables you to better manage your community, save time and earn money with your Minecraft server.

You can now manage bans and warnings at one place, have playtime statistics of every player and create your own Minecraft (real money) donation shop.

Using the VyHub shop players can for example buy ingame money, get item drops or buy special vip ranks.

VyHub Includes All of These Features!

Here is a list of included features:


  • Bans and time-bans
  • Warnings
  • Synchronize player groups (support for LuckPerms)
  • Infinite possibilities with rewards (Custom Commands, Ingame Money, Item drops…)
  • Playtime statistics for every player
  • Periodic adverts

Start your trial period and connect your Minecraft server for free!