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We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of the VyHub Self-Hosted Version! Now, you can take control of your hosting environment and harness the power of VyHub on your terms.

What’s New with VyHub Self-Hosted?

VyHub self-hosted is the first and currently the only self-hosted multi-game management and donation system. It comes with many advantages:

Complete Autonomy

Be the master of your domain with the only self-hosted system on the market. Enjoy the freedom to manage both the front and back end of your VyHub experience.

Full Database Access

Dive deep into your data with unrestricted access to the VyHub database. Explore insights, customize your setup, and tailor VyHub to meet your unique needs.

Premium Extensions Included

Elevate your VyHub experience with premium extensions. Most of the premium add-ons like the Forum are already included in the self-hosted version. So there is no need to pay extra!

Seamless Updates

Stay on the cutting edge of features and security with regular updates. We’re committed to providing you with the latest enhancements to keep your VyHub experience fresh and secure.

VyHub Self-Hosting Prerequisites

Before embarking on the self-hosting journey with VyHub, ensure the following prerequisites are met. If these criteria aren’t met, consider exploring VyHub Cloud, which offers a hassle-free starting point for free.

Server Requirements:

  • Linux server (virtual or dedicated)
  • Minimum 2 CPU cores and 4GB RAM

Software Setup:

  • Docker Server and Docker-Compose installed

Domain and Security:

  • Domain ownership with SSL certificate

By meeting these prerequisites, you’ll pave the way for a seamless VyHub self-hosting experience. If any of these requirements pose a challenge, VyHub Cloud remains an accessible alternative to kickstart your venture.

How to Get Started

Ready to take the reins? Here’s how to kickstart your journey with VyHub Self-Hosted:

  • Visit and log in on our website.
  • Create a new instance and choose the self-hosted version.
  • Follow the displayed setup steps. More information can always be found in our documentation. 

Explore and Avail VyHub Self-Hosted Plan

We are excited to see the incredible gaming communities and platforms that will flourish with VyHub Self-Hosted. Thank you for being a part of the VyHub family, and we look forward to empowering your journey in the gaming world. Happy Hosting!