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Do you want to manage your server better, save time and offer your players a donation store? Look no further, VyHub has you covered!

What Is VyHub?

VyHub is an all-in-one community management software system. Game community owners can implement our software to ease the management of their game community. We offer users like you a prepared website where your community can be managed, moreover, there is an integrated shop and more management tools that enable you to monitor the activities of your members.


The VyHub shop offers you the opportunity to monetize your game server. What does this mean? With the shop you can take donations and exchange them against ingame-items. For example you can sell items like extra lives, skins, armor, and other in-game items.

The Games Supported by VyHub

The current games that VyHub supports are Minecraft, and Garry’s Mod. Although the games are different the implementation is very similar. For both Minecraft and Garry’s Mod, the system can be implemented within 5 minutes. We support the following Minecraft servers Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Furthermore, we provide an implementation for your Discord servers. In the future we want to support further games like Rust or FiveM. Check out our games page for the most up-to date information

The Cost of VyHub

VyHub is not free, it costs between 6-9€ per month (depending on many months are prepaid). But do not worry, we offer a demo and you can test VyHub completely free for 7days! For this price, you can do unlimited transactions with your gaming community in one month. Furthermore, you have access to all other management options that are available through our platform.

Current Features

VyHub is more than just another administrative system. As said before we provide all kinds of monitoring tools. Our objective is to give our community owners the best insights of their users. Check out the VyHub feature page which gives more detailed insights in the features offered.

Most Important Features

  • Unlimited packages, categories, rewards, and possibilities with rewards (custom commands, in-game money, item drops..)
  • Extensive shop statistics.
  • Bans and time-bans.
  • Warnings.
  • Synchronize player groups
  • Playtime statistics for every user
  • Periodic adverts (chat messages)
  • Email notifications.
  • Use your custom domain or a VyHub subdomain.
  • SSL certificate included.
  • No ads.
  • Customizable appearance
  • Support for custom pages.
  • Multi-language support (English, French, German)

Payment Methods

Your players have the choice between many (local) payment methods. Currently we support Paypal, Stripe as well as Paysafecard. Using Stripe players can pay with their credit card, bank transfers, and other local payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Stripe (Credit Card, Bank Debits…)
  • Paysafecard

Getting Started with VyHub

You are interested? This is a short guide on how to get started with VyHub:

  1. Create a VyHub Account on our website
  2. Create your VyHub instance
  3. Create your first server bundle and your Minecraft server
  4. Download the respective VyHub plugin
  5. Enter the API-Key you can generate in the server settings
  6. Setup your first packet and reward

We wrote another VyHub Guide for our players to give them a smooth onboarding experience.

The Discord Server of VyHub

Through our VyHub discord server, we stay in contact with you. Since the users are the core of our product, most incremental adaptations are made by their input. in by their input on this platform. This way our community with users like you are simultaneously using and improving our platform by giving us input. You can join the VyHub Discord server to communicate and improve the product together.

VyHub is still in active development and gets new features regularly.