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We are happy to announce the successor of GExtension called VyHub. The sale of GExtension has been stopped to fully concentrate the development effort on VyHub. No worries, GExtension will further get maintenance updates till the support ends. The end-of-support will be announced later.

GExtension, the original Garry’s Mod donation, and the server-management system was released almost 7 years ago. In its lifetime it has undergone a lot of development and changes. For example, new features like a Discord integration were added while the core features like the donation store or the bans and warnings were further improved and enhanced.

Reviews of GExtension are with an average rating of 4.94 very positive, this shows how much users enjoy using the software with all its features.

Unluckily, the codebase of GExtension is becoming more and more dated, so the development of new features is not easily viable. This was the main reason to start the development of VyHub, which builds on the strong foundation of GExtension, but adds more features in combination with a modern codebase.

For example, VyHub is not limited to the game Garry’s Mode anymore, but multiple games are supported and can be connected. Currently, Garry’s Mod and Minecraft are supported. In the future, we plan to support much more games!

GExtension most wanted and used features (shop system, bans and warnings, and more) are of course included in VyHub. Have a look at our demo to check them out!

We are happy to see the successful time of GExtension coming to an end.

Join our Discord to stay up to date and to embark on the awesome journey which lays ahead of us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.