Sell ranks and ingame-items for real money.

  • Unlimited packets
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited rewards
  • Statistics
  • Discounts
  • Payment gateways
  • Packet upgrades


Packets are the foundation of each webstore. Create your own packets which you can sell on the website for real money. You can organise packets in different categories to provide your users a better experience. Packets can be single purchase or recurring payments.

New Packets | VyHub Features Page Inside Creative


You can provide your players with discounts. These discounts can apply for the whole store or only certain packets. This way you can award players for good performance.

Rewards | VyHub Features Page Inside Creative


Monitor your sales with the integrated statistics. For example sales can be displayed by month or by country.

Integrated Statistics | VyHub Features Page Inside Creative


You can provide your players with discounts. These discounts can apply for the whole store or only certain packets. This way you can award players for good performance.

Payment Gateways

VyHub supports multiple payment methods. You can accept PayPal, Paysafecard and Stripe payments. With Stripe a lot of local payment methods are covered. Furthermore users can use the built-in credit system for payments. There is also an option to accept custom coupon codes for a purchase which then need to be approved manually by an admin.


Customize VyHub for your needs.
  • Change colors
  • Dark mode
  • Edit navigation links
  • Create custom pages

Create Custom Pages

You can create custom pages with all html/javascript possibilities. You can show these sites in the navigation bar.


You can easily change the theme of the website! This includes colors, a dark mode or a different background image.

Theme Change Option | VyHub Customizability Feature Inside Creative


Save time and effort managing your community.
  • Bans
  • Warnings
  • Forum
  • Ticket system
  • Team page
  • Adverts
  • News


You can ban players from your gameservers with VyHub. Bans can be created for a set of gameservers or globally across all your servers. Users have the ability to create a ban-protest which then can be looked at by the admins.



You can warn users, which are then automatically banned after a warning threshold is achieved.



Your players can talk with each other using VyHub’s forum. With the rights management it is even possible to create member only topics.


Ticket System

For better managing your community and streamlining the support process VyHub offers you a ticket system. Players can create tickets which are then being resolved by team members.


Team Page

Groups can be part of the team. A team page is created automatically, which allows players to connect to the right person.



Adverts are small messages which can be announced periodically on the gameservers.


News can be created and displayed on the main page. This way you can keep your players up to date. Furthermore, the news page gives an overview over all your servers, new players and shop goals.



Strengthen the exchange within your community with the VyHub Forum.
  • No extra registration needed
  • Team only topics
  • Emoji reactions
  • Topic admins
  • Label, lock, and pin your threads
  • Statistics

No Extra Registration Required

At VyHub we value simplicity and ease of use. This is why your players do not need to register a new account to access the forum. They can just use their Steam, Discord, or Minecraft accounts. Everything is fully integrated into the VyHub system!

Team only Topics

Every good team needs a place to organize themselves, a place that no normal player can read. With the VyHub this becomes easily possible. Feel free to create topics that are only accessible to a special group of people. This can be your team members or your last – month’s donators. You can even reward players with a certain playtime with access to a topic – everything is possible!

Topics, Categories and Threads

The VyHub Forum is divided into topics, categories, and threads. You can designate members of your team as moderators in topics.

Label and Pin your Threads

All threads can be organized by administrators. For example, you can label threads as you want, for example accepting or declining requests. Furthermore, threads can be pinned to the top of the list and they can be locked so that no normal users can write in them.

Groups and Teams

Manage groups and permissions easily.
  • Create own groups
  • Award players with groups
  • Full permission system
  • Permission levels


Groups are the basis of the permission system implemented in VyHub. Every player can be part of one or many groups. The groups can have different permissions. Groups can be also awarded following a purchase.


Permission System

All functionality on the website is guarded by permissions. Every group you create can have different permissions. This makes it possible to create a hierarchy of groups. This can be fully adjusted to fit your needs for example to create groups for team members.

Further Features

There is a lot more to discover.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Multi-language support
  • Full-featured API
  • Optional: Use own domain


To better personalize VyHub and interact with your community, VyHub is translated in multiple languages. Currently three languages are fully supported, more languages are currently translated! Community owners like you, can help translating VyHub.


Use Own Domain

VyHub comes with a complimentary sub-domain. If your prefer using your own domain, this is possible! The use of your own domain comes with no additional cost.

Full featured API

VyHub comes with a full featured REST API. You can use this API to do everything (and more) you can also do with the frontend. Own plugins integrating the API are possible as well.