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Community Features

Communities are a significant factor in building a player base in online games, and their management is an integral part of game development. VyHub supports building stronger gaming communities with its community managing tools and features.

VyHub community management services encourage a positive social atmosphere using its services like bans, warnings, and ticket systems. Communication channels such as forums, news, adverts, and team pages breed positive feedback and improve the gaming experience. VyHub Community features help to build a positive, structured, and encouraging environment for players.


VyHub ban system helps enforce the server rules for a fair and positive community environment. VyHub features customizable bans and automatic bans.

  • Customizable Bans tailor the punishment based on the offense. The system sets the ban duration, reason, and severity for unruly players.
  • Automatic Bans set a warning when a player accumulates more than three strikes. It helps save time and effort.


VyHub’s warning system alarms players from rule-breaking in role-play scenarios, instances of harassment, any combat of unfair advantage, foul play, and many more. It has a warning threshold limit set, after which a player gets automatically banned.


Our community forum allows players to exchange information, resolve game-related issues, foster learning, etc. Players can use the platform to create topics on their own and manage those topics categorically. The forum also updates news, announcements, and any new game-related releases on the forum.

Ticket System

The ticket system facilitates players to resolve their inquiries or issues t in an organized manner. They can raise tickets as a protest against the ban that later gets resolved by the team members, streamlining VyHub’s support system.

Team Page

The VyHub Team page is to encourage teamwork among the players. Any group can be part of the team page. The page gets automatically created and allows the player to connect to the right person.


VyHub publishes small messages periodically on its server to keep the players informed about the latest updates or game releases. It helps keep the community alive.


VyHub keeps players updated by creating and displaying 'News of the Day' on the server's main page. The information gives an overview of all the servers such as Gameserver1, Gameserver2, Discord, etc. It also displays information related to shop goals and new players.

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Benefits of VyHub Community Management Features

VyHub Community Services brings a few other additional benefits to its community members. 

  • Flexible Ban Duration – VyHub ban system allows community leaders to make decisions prioritizing the well-being of their communities.  
  • Server-Specific and Global Bans – Administrators can implement server-specific and global bans with VyHub. They can address localized issues or act against persistent troublemakers on a broader scale. 
  • Seamless Gaming Experience – Periodic news, adverts, bans, and the warning system of VyHub give players a seamless gaming experience. 
  • Encourage Team Building – The automatic team page feature encourages team building among the players. 
  • Discord Integration for Community Management – VyHub integrates with Discord for community management and provides real-time messaging, programmable bots, and the capacity to add 500,000 members and 500 channels to the server. 

Build and Manage an Effective Community with VyHub

Community management requires a lot of effort to manage players’ expectations. VyHub community management tools and customizable features support maintaining a positive gaming environment, maintaining order, and upholding community guidelines. It becomes easy to build and manage a positive gaming community with VyHub.

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