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Customizability Features

Customization is a familiar feature in games that gives the users decision-making authority over technology and creates their own experience. VyHub’s customizability features brings a series of choices and the potential to influence a player’s experience.

VyHub has carefully incorporated customizability features considering the game genre, mechanics, and intended players. The players can change themes, colors, and modes, navigate links, and create custom pages based on their preferences. These customizability options help maintain the game’s coherence, consistency, and immersion.

Customizing Themes

VyHub uses game mechanics (the game core) for customizing themes. Various game themes like historical, detective, fantasy, space, mystery, and horror boost players' experience and immersion. These themes make game rules sensible for the players and highlight positive outcomes. Players can easily change the themes, including color and different background images.

Change Colors

Colors build visual harmony throughout a game and help players notice what is interactive and what is part of the game environment. VyHub allows players to change colors under its theme feature. The color options provided by VyHub are 

  • Header Color
  • Light Header Color
  • Header Container
  • Footer Color
  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Success Color
  • Error Color

Dark Modes

We tailor dark modes for low-light environments. VyHub dark mode feature uses dimmer background colors and brighter foreground colors. Dark modes reduce digital eye strain, extend the device's battery life, and make automatic color coding easy to read. Players can access the dark mode under VyHub’s theme feature.

Edit Navigation Links

VyHub allows users to edit navigation links. A user can rename a button, create a custom nav proxy link blueprint, a navigation bar, and a responsive gaming-style navigation bar. For example, renaming a button to game stats helps easily find your game stats. You can create a navigation bar with a centered link or logo.

Create Custom Pages

Players can create custom pages in VyHub-supported games like Minecraft, Gary’s mod, FiveM, and Rust. We can create custom pages with all HTML and JavaScript possibilities and locate these sites in the navigation bar.

Customizability Feature Benefits Section | VyHub Inside Creative

Add-Ons by VyHub Customizability Feature

VyHub’s customizability service brings several add-ons. Some of them are:

  • Fast and Multi-language Online Support – VyHub provides fast and multi-language online support to resolve users’ queries and any issues related to customizability features.
  • Audience Consideration – VyHub considers its target audience for its customizability service, as hardcore players may have more complex and deeper customization than casual players.
  • Increases Player’s Immersion and Engagement – Targeted game and player customization increases players’ immersion and engagement levels, leading to better retention and monetization.
  • Sense of Agency – VyHub customization features allow players to specify their preferences, which gives them a sense of agency.

Shape Your Own Gaming Experience with VyHub Customizability Features

Multiplayer games require customization to meet the specific preferences of players and keep them engaged. Along with the Shop features, VyHub customization features make gaming more engaging without affecting the difficulty and fairness of the game. Players can create and shape their own gaming experience with VyHub Customization features.

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