Looking to enhance your Rust gaming experience? Prepare to enter the harsh and unforgiving world of Rust, where survival is key and every decision matters. At VyHub, we’re dedicated to enhancing your Rust gameplay, providing you with the tools and support you need to get into the action.

Take control of your Rust server with VyHub, offering a comprehensive all-in-one management solution. From bans and warnings to intuitive dashboards and a user-friendly shop system, VyHub has all the tools you need to streamline server management.

Supported Servers and Features

VyHub supports Rust servers. Further VyHub supports the different Rust modifications. With Oxide, Umod and carbon, VyHub offers an enhanced feature set. These features include, among others, the following:

Warnings, Bans & Time-Bans

VyHub features bans and time-bans for the game server to prevent negative gameplay effects, and to address unlawful behavior or misconduct. Players can contest bans through a ticketing system to resolve their matter with the admin.

Players can receive warnings for violations of server rules and can be automatically banned upon reaching a predetermined threshold set by the server owner.

Shop System

VyHub provides a shop system for FiveM servers, allowing creation of unlimited categories and packets. Rewards given to players upon purchase are highly customizable, including the ability to trigger commands and scripts on the server. Additionally, HTTP requests can also be configured as rewards.

VyHub supports more than 20 payment providers. 

Create Custom Rewards

Set up tailored rewards for your game server. Unlimited customizable packets can be created. These packets can include scripts, custom commands, in-game currency, item drops, and other rewards. Rewards are automatically executed on your server upon a player's purchase.

Unique Website

You can customize all specific details of your VyHub instance, either in the settings or with specific CSS scripts. VyHub also provides a customizable landing page for your server, showcasing many features of your community (amount of players, your discord community and many more).

VyHub Dashboard

VyHub features an in-game dashboard displaying game-related features to users. Players can view bans, warnings, and account-related information from their dashboards.

Playtime Statistic for Every Player

VyHub dashboard displays playtime statistics of each user, including the number of hours spent playing games, purchases, and many more insights and stats.

Synchronize Player Groups

VyHub's player group synchronization feature allows players to be part of one or many groups. These groups can be created with different rights assigned to their members.

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Build a Unique Experience for Your Rust Server Utilizing VyHub

VyHub offers a customized gaming environment with its user-friendly and enhanced features, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for Rust servers, thereby enhancing gameplay. In addition to the mentioned features, users can explore community management tools, discounts, and rewards. Users can also participate in translating the service to have the product available in their preferred language. Currently, VyHub supports more than five languages.

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