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At VyHub, we understand the significance of customizability. We want VyHub to seamlessly integrate with your gaming community, and to make that happen, we offer a range of customization options.

Customizability of Gaming Community Using Theme Settings

When using the default frontend, you have the power to customize colors, logos, and background images effortlessly. Color customization, often the first step, is as simple as setting your community logo, name, and colors. Creating your unique theme becomes a straightforward process with just a few clicks.

Homepage Builder: Crafting Your First Impression

VyHub introduces a groundbreaking feature – the Homepage Builder. Currently unparalleled in the gaming website/shop realm, this tool empowers you to fully personalize your landing page. Utilize premade blocks or design custom ones; the choice is yours. These blocks can be anything from enticing calls to action for joining your Discord community to showcasing your community stats. Dive into this innovative tool with a detailed introduction in this blog.

Open Source Frontend: Your Gateway to Endless Possibilities

The front end is your direct interface with VyHub, and we’ve ensured its flexibility. You can use your own front end, purchase themes from other creators, or even develop apps for various systems – VyHub remains fully independent of the front end used. One significant advantage lies in our decision to make our front end open-source. You have the freedom to modify every aspect and even sell the themes you create. Host your own frontend with the VyHub self-hosted version or leverage our hosted VyHub to enjoy the benefits of VyHub Cloud without limitations.

Full API: Expanding Horizons with Seamless Integration

VyHub’s API simplifies the process of developing extensions. These extensions can range from visual enhancements to functional additions. Create your custom dashboards and display them on your website. Some players have even crafted integrations for their bookkeeping tools, showcasing the API’s versatility. Save your unique statistics effortlessly; VyHub automatically collects game time and essential stats like scores, kills, and spawns. The API’s flexibility allows you to add your attributes, integrating other plugins or available default stats. Whether it’s in-game cash, the number of properties owned, used materials, or favorite equipped tools, the API enables seamless integration.

With VyHub’s robust customizability, your gaming community can reflect your vision precisely. Whether you’re tweaking colors, designing your landing page, exploring open-source frontends, or diving into the world of APIs, VyHub is your canvas to create a truly unique gaming experience. Start customizing today with the VyHub features and watch your community thrive!