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VyHub now offers you the freedom to choose how you want to host your gaming community platform. But with great freedom comes a choice: VyHub Cloud or Selfhosting? Let’s delve into the details of VyHub Cloud vs. Selfhosting plan to help you make an informed decision.

What Is VyHub Cloud Plan?

VyHub Cloud is the hassle-free option where we handle the hosting for you. Your data is secure, backups are regular, and you don’t need any prior server hosting experience. Creating a VyHub Cloud instance takes less than 5 minutes. It’s the easiest option, though it might not provide 100% flexibility, which might be crucial for some of you.

What Is Selfhosting/On-Premise Plan?

Selfhosting means you run VyHub on your own server, giving you complete control. We provide the necessary docker image and comprehensive documentation, but you’re responsible for setup. Our Selfhosting plan offers direct database access and enhanced control over the VyHub platform. You have full privacy, as you control your data entirely. However, this option demands a bit more technical expertise and is ideal for experienced users or those eager to learn about service deployment.

Frontend Selfhosting: A Balanced Approach

Frontend selfhosting strikes a balance. Here, the backend is hosted by us, but you get the flexibility of managing your frontend. This means complete control over the frontend design without the complexities of managing the entire setup.

Comparison: A Quick Overview of VyHub Cloud vs. Selfhosting

Technical ExpertiseNo coding knowledge needed, ready within 5 minutesSome knowledge requiredDeeper knowledgeof (linux) servers required
Frontend Customizability OptionsColors
Theme-Builder Custom CSS
Database AccessNoNoYes
Fault ToleranceEvery VyHub instance is by default run in a high availability Kubernetes ClusterYou have to care for Frontend Availability by yourselfAny fault tolerance measures must be implemented by yourself
Database BackupsDailyDailyNeed to be implemented by yoursel

Start Customizing Your Game Server with the VyHuB Platform

In a nutshell, VyHub Cloud offers simplicity and security, making it perfect for those who prefer ease of use. Selfhosting provides unparalleled control and privacy, catering to the technically savvy. Frontend selfhosting strikes a balance, offering design control without diving deep into backend complexities. Now armed with these insights, you can choose the hosting solution that aligns perfectly with your needs. Whether it’s the hands-on approach of selfhosting or the hassle-free experience of VyHub Cloud, start your VyHub journey with a choice tailored just for you.