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Do you look for different ways to earn some money with gaming? Do you own a website, hosting company, forum, or management system that wants to offer your users a new way to manage their game servers and earn money?

Then you want to read this article about the upcoming VyHub affiliate program.

VyHub is a game-community-changing software solution that’s designed to help game server owners and administrators manage and monetize their servers more effectively. VyHub helps communicate with your community, managing the access of players with bans and warnings and offering an automatic shop system.

With its own website, user-friendly interface, monetization tools, and user dashboard, VyHub is set to revolutionize the way that game servers are managed.

And now, we’re launching an affiliate program for VyHub, and we’re looking for server list websites, server hosting companies, server gaming forums, and game management systems to join us. As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 25% referral fee on any sales that come from your unique referral link.

Why Become a VyHub Affiliate?

There are many compelling reasons:

  • VyHub is a new software product that’s challenging the current server monetization methods.
  • Our referral fee of 25% is highly competitive and provides a significant income stream for our affiliates.
  • We’re dedicated to providing our affiliates with the tools and support to earn and potentially become partners.

The VyHub affiliate program is a great opportunity for server list websites, server hosting companies, server gaming forums, and game management systems to get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting monetization tool. By promoting VyHub and earning a commission on every sale from your referral link, you’ll be able to offer your users a valuable new way to monetize their servers.

How Does the Referral Link Work?

You as an affiliate will receive a unique referral link. This link will contain a code that tracks the referrals made by you.

When a customer clicks on the referral link, signs up, and makes a purchase, you as an affiliate earn a direct commission. This commission is a percentage of 25 % of the lifetime value the customer generates in sales and is established as part of the terms of the affiliate program.

So if you’re interested in earning big with our new affiliate system, get in contact with us. We can’t wait to work with you!