VyHub 2.0.0 Update | VyHub Blog Banner

We are excited to announce the most significant release in the past months. We have made substantial progress, introducing major improvements to the product’s design and usability. Additionally, we have added exciting new features and capabilities, making VyHub an even more comprehensive solution for gaming communities of all sizes.

In this blog, we will provide a quick overview of the major changes:

  • Completely New Design and User Experience: We’ve completely revamped the design and user experience across all product pages.
  • Improved VyHub Demo Page: The VyHub Demo page has been enhanced for a more immersive trial experience.
  • Addition of Hosted Websites: Every instance now includes a hosted website, making it easier than ever to establish an online presence.
  • Website Builder for Customization: You can customize your landing page using our website builder toolkit.
  • Addition of FiveM Support: VyHub now seamlessly integrates with FiveM, expanding its capabilities.

A Full Redesign of VyHub and the Demo

Our brand-new VyHub experience extends beyond a simple website redesign. We’ve reimagined every aspect, from product pages to the VyHub Demo. Active users will need to manually update their existing instances through the management dashboard, a process that takes just a few minutes. New customers or instances will automatically be set up with the latest VyHub version. Explore the newly designed VyHub demo for an immersive trial experience and inspiration.

In the future, we aim to foster collaboration among users and communities who customize their VyHub instances with custom CSS. Share and sell your unique ideas and designs with the tools we provide.

Your Customizable Website and Website Builder

Introducing a game-changing feature! All our customers can now have their very own customizable website hosted by us. Setup is incredibly easy, allowing you to create a truly unique online presence. The website serves as your community’s landing page, presenting information in an organized and appealing manner. You can enable the landing page feature in your instance settings. Use the website builder toolkit to customize content according to your community’s style and interests, and also providing information for those interested in your community. Make your community famous!

FiveM Integration

Last but certainly not least, we’re leveling up! VyHub now seamlessly integrates with FiveM, providing enhanced capabilities for your gaming community. This integration was a result of our community’s requests, and it’s now available on GitHub.

In the coming days, we will provide you with more insights into FiveM. So, spread the word and share your ideas for the future. Whether it’s new features, additional game integrations, or any other suggestions, we’re eager to collaborate with you and our community to make VyHub even better.