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We are thrilled to introduce the highly-anticipated Ark Survival Ascended integration on VyHub, and it’s officially live! This seamless integration is designed to work harmoniously with the Ark-Server API by Gameservershub, providing a powerful platform for server administrators. Whether you operate a modest community server or a thriving cluster, VyHub’s Ark integration presents a comprehensive set of features to elevate your server management experience.

Why VyHub’s Ark Integration Matters

VyHub offers your community a fully customizable website with a plethora of features! Say goodbye to scattered websites. With the new Ark Integration, you can now effectively manage and monetize your Ark Survival Ascended (ASA) Server. The initial version of the integration supports VyHub’s donation store and collects playtime statistics of users, enabling you to earn money by monetizing your Ark server. The plugin delivers packages by automatically executing commands on the server.

VyHub’s Impressive Feature Set

VyHub is more than just a website. With several practical and essential game server features, it provides endless customization options to make your community website truly yours.

  • Bans and Time-Bans: Swiftly manage player bans and time-bans, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment.
  • Warnings: Efficiently issue warnings to maintain server harmony and player respect.
  • Player Group Synchronization: Seamlessly synchronize player groups, with current support for Ark-Server API by Gameservershub, making group management a breeze.
  • Reward Flexibility: Enjoy limitless reward possibilities. From custom commands and in-game resources to rare item drops, customize rewards to captivate your player base.
  • Playtime Statistics: Gain valuable insights into playtime data for every player, aiding in server optimization and content creation.
  • Periodic Adverts: Keep your community engaged with periodic adverts, enhancing server events and announcements.

Get Started with VyHub – Absolutely Free!

The best part? You can experience all these incredible features right now, completely free of charge! VyHub is here to revolutionize your Ark experience, making server management simpler, player engagement deeper, and monetization more achievable. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your Ark community. Embrace VyHub today and take your server to new heights! Join us in reshaping the future of Ark Survival Ascended gaming. Let the adventure begin!