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We are thrilled to announce that VyHub’s eagerly awaited FiveM integration has officially launched! Now, you can seamlessly connect your FiveM server to VyHub and unlock a world of possibilities. For those not in the know, FiveM stands at the forefront of GTA5 role-playing mods, boasting player counts that soar above 100k on busy days. VyHub’s integration caters to the bustling world of FiveM, supporting thousands of communities and empowering them with a suite of features tailored for success.

Why VyHub’s FiveM Integration Matters

  • Community Management – VyHub streamlines community management, offering a centralized platform for effortless ban and warning management. Say goodbye to scattered records; VyHub keeps everything in one accessible place.
  • Player Insight – Dive deep into player statistics with VyHub. Understand playtime patterns, helping you tailor your server’s offerings to what your community loves the most.
  • Monetize Your Server – VyHub opens avenues for monetization. Craft your own FiveM donation shop, allowing players to buy in-game currency, special items, or coveted VIP ranks with real money.

VyHub’s Impressive Feature Set

VyHub game server customization and monetization platform supports popular games such as – Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, and FiveM. Here are some of the features that make games like FiveM integration and customization highly interactive for the players:

  • Bans and Time-Bans – Swiftly manage player bans and time-bans, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment.
  • Warnings – Issue warnings efficiently, maintaining server harmony and player respect.
  • Player Group Synchronization – Seamlessly synchronize player groups with current support for ESX, making group management a breeze.
  • Reward Flexibility – Enjoy limitless reward possibilities. From custom commands and in-game money to rare item drops, customize rewards to captivate your player base.
  • Playtime Statistics – Gain valuable insights into playtime data for every player, aiding in server optimization and content creation.
  • Periodic Adverts – Keep your community engaged with periodic adverts, enhancing server events and announcements.

Get Started with VyHub – Absolutely Free!

The best part? You can experience all these incredible VyHub features right now, completely free of charge! VyHub is here to revolutionize your FiveM experience, making server management simpler, player engagement deeper, and monetization more achievable.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your FiveM community. Embrace VyHub today and take your server to new heights! Join us in reshaping the future of FiveM gaming. Let the adventure begin!