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Welcome back to the final part of our VyHub Basics series, where we will delve into the advanced features that will elevate your server management and enhance player engagement. Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to explore the Credits System, the Coupon Gateway, Discounts, and Packet Upgrades/Relations.

Understanding VyHub Shop’s Versatility

With VyHub’s shop, you have the power to automate your business on your game server like never before. Sell in-game items, VIP/donator ranks, or offer unique player perks such as limited XP boosts. Your creativity is the only limit to what you can achieve. Ready to unleash your ideas? Start today and experience the freedom of VyHub. Best of all, you can begin for free!

Here are some of the VyHub Shop features to explore and implement –

Credits as Pricing

Credits offer an alternative way for players to buy products in your shop, apart from real money transactions. You can even rename credits to match the theme of your server (Gulden, Diamonds, Coins, you name it). Credits can be purchased by players in the shop or distributed manually. They are a fantastic incentive for players to make larger upfront purchases. For smaller items, where transaction fees might eat into profits, consider creating a Credits packet. For instance, you can sell a packet containing 5 credits for 5€ and smaller items for 1 credit each, allowing players to make multiple purchases with a single transaction.

Coupon Gateway

VyHub’s Coupon Gateway is a versatile feature designed to accommodate various payment methods, including those not directly integrated into VyHub. Players can input gift codes like Amazon Giftcards or Paysafecard Pins as a confirmation link after purchase. Team members with appropriate permissions can review these requests, validate the codes, and process the payments manually. Once accepted, players receive their purchases automatically, ensuring a seamless experience.


Discounts are a powerful tool to drive sales. Whether you’re launching a new map or celebrating a special event, VyHub’s discounts are incredibly flexible. Apply discounts globally or specifically to certain packages. Discounts can be auto-applied, making items appear on sale, and you can restrict their usage to specific groups. For instance, you can limit a discount code to specific players with a VIP group or limit a Discount like “play15” to players with over 15 hours of playtime, fostering player engagement and loyalty.

Packet Upgrades / Relations

Exclusive to VyHub, Packet Upgrades allow you to create complex relationships between packages. For example, a Silver Tier package might be available only to users who have an active Bronze Tier. You can restrict certain packages to be purchased only once or allow them only after the player has acquired another specific package, enriching your server’s gameplay experience.

Unlock the Full Potential of the VyHub Platform – Start for Free

Congratulations, you’ve now unlocked the full potential of VyHub’s advanced shop features. Your server is equipped with powerful tools to engage players, boost sales, and offer unique experiences. Thank you for being a part of the VyHub community. It’s time to take your server to new heights! Embrace these features, and let the gaming adventures continue. Dive in and make your mark in the gaming world!